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 Dakalo Mulima


 "We have decided that Instead of going with the flow, we are going to be the flow. Instead of demanding the change, we are going to be the change. We are the ones we have been waiting for." The late Dakalo Mulima.

Morongwa Maifo










"At some point, I had to learn that I have to make my life count; work on leaving a legacy that will help when I am gone." - Morongwa Nesly Maifo, CEO, Club Readership.



 Faculty of Best Advisory, FBA is a Non-Profit Company that aims to inform, empower, and uplift people through provision of information ensuring that community at large has access to valuable information. FBA was established on the 30th of December 2012 and started operating in January 2013. Core and central to our work is career guidance and facilitation of access to university for learners in rural and township schools. We expose them to opportunities existing post-school, we also encourage them to explore entrepreneurship and leadership opportunities.


Ever since its inceptions, the FBA has groomed many young dynamic leaders who went on to start their own institutions which are focused on tackling the challenges confronted by humanity. Majority of the leaders groomed and mentored by FBA do not only seek for job opportunities, they also create opportunities for others through the institutions they build and innovative ideas they come up with.




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