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 Dakalo Mulima


 "We have decided that Instead of going with the flow, we are going to be the flow. Instead of demanding the change, we are going to be the change. We are the ones we have been waiting for." The late Dakalo Mulima.

Morongwa Maifo










"At some point, I had to learn that I have to make my life count; work on leaving a legacy that will help when I am gone." - Morongwa Nesly Maifo, CEO, Club Readership.



Vusi Terrence Masuku is a Biochemistry and a Bioinformatics student at Wits University.Known in his previous high school for dedicating his free time to tutoring young people in mathematics and physical sciences, he has always been invested in helping students. He is an avid reader and prides himself on having read and completed hundreds of books in his life, as such, he is passionate about spreading the idea and culture of reading in young people because of the simple fact that intelligent leaders are readers, and South Africa is desperate for intelligent leaders.

Entrepreneurship programme


This programme is tailored to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship among FBA volunteers. The volunteers are assisted with their business ideas and allocated business mentors to walk the entrepreneurship journey with. In addition, entrepreneurship seminars are organized to create a dialogue with the young entrepreneurs so that they can learn and be empowered by leaders in business.


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