You need to fill a google form with all your details. To be part of FBA you have to be a registered student at an institution of higher learning (college or university at any level).More details can be found on the FBA website or social media platform

Contact any FBA volunteer to connect you with the communication officers of FBA. More details can be found on the FBA website or social media platform.

To be a mentor you have to be a senior student (second year and above at an institution ). 

To get a mentor you need to send a WhatsApp to FBA or ask any FBA volunteer to refer to you FBA executive mentor who will assign a mentor for you.

You have to be a working professional or someone who has previously worked. If you have worked or are working, you are eligible to be a professional mentor and you can send an email to FBA or WhatsApp to express your interest or talk to any FBA volunteer to refer you to the leadership of the organization.

To invite  FBA to your school, send a WhatsApp or email to any of FBA leaders to request a visit. To have FBA visit your school, you need to cover the full costs of transport, catering and related logistics for the number of volunteers required at your school. 

Your personal and academic information, Grade 11 results and Certified ID or Certified birth certificate if you do not have an ID.

You will receive an email from the universities we applied for you. FBA will also send the details confirming you have been applied to your school and the WhatsApp group of your school.

FBA does not offer bursaries but assists with applications for bursaries.

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