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Since 2012 Faculty of Best Advisory (FBA), NPC has evolved from a five (5) volunteers initiative when it was formed in 2012 to a registered non-profit company and a public benefit organization with over 500 beneficiaries/volunteers in 20 institutions of higher learning across South Africa, reaching out to over 10 000 high school learners from 130 plus partner schools, NGOs and Churches in Rural and Township schools across all 9 provinces of South Africa through our committed beneficiaries cum volunteers.

In the period 2013-2018, Faculty of Best Advisory has managed to facilitate access of over 450 students into 20 different institutions of higher learning in South Africa and abroad. During the 2018 academic year, FBA archived 95% retention across all institutions of higher learning.

In partnership with Universities, FET Colleges, NGOs, Churches, Schools, Government and the Private Sector, the institutions aims to reach out to 50 000 young people, and  facilitate access of about 2000 rural and township learners from low income households to institutions of higher learning and improve their retention, success and completion thereof by 2020.

FBA first cohort has already completed their first-degree programme. The first graduates of FBA are Mpho Kgoadi, Sobantu Moeketis, and Cate Nkalitshana respectively, and they are from FBA first partner schools also happen to be first-generation students.

Mpho Kgoadi completed his degree in Astrophysics and also an Honors in Astrophysics both from the University of the Witwatersrand and is intending to pursue a Master of Science in the same field. Another beneficiary, Sobantu Moeketsi who completed his degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg completed his degree in record time and attribute his success to FBA and is currently working as an engineer at SASOL. Cate Nkalitshana completes her Bachelor of Science degree and Honors in Science from the University of the Witwatersrand.

In 2016, FBA gave birth to a publishing institutions Club Readership which has so far published over 35 book titles one of the titles authored by Mafule Moswane “A learner’s Guide To Academic Success,” has been procured by Gauteng Department of Education to be distributed in various schools of Gauteng. Among other institutions which FBA gave birth to, is Tutoring Skeem which is aimed at offering tutoring services to high school learners in the weekend and school holidays.

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